At The Better Life Co. we provide fee-only Financial Coaching.
This encompasses a number of services that are all implemented based on your specific needs and stage of life.

Financial Coaching

A Better Life Coach is similar to a sport/gym coach for your physical body but we focus on your family’s finances. Our coaches will help you identify and realize the goals and dreams you want to accomplish in your life. We help you make sure that all the financial pieces are working together and you are using all the best strategies to make your money go further. 

Financial Planning

A Financial Plan is a snapshot in time, but Financial Planning is an ongoing process. It takes planning to deal with all your tomorrows, life changes. You have to be constantly planning for all eventual outcomes.

Personal Income Taxes

Yes, we do your taxes! Because we work with you in every part of your financial life doing your taxes just makes sense. If you are self employed we will also help you with your year end summaries and government reporting such as HST. 

Financial Network

The right people on your team, at the right time always makes a difference. We have a very close network of companies we have worked with for many years. We aim to bring you the best in investing, bank financing, legal advisory services and much more. No more shopping around for services we have done it for you.

Life Planning

We can help you plan your life, not just the financial parts of it. Most of your dreams and goals have a financial component to them. Combining your life plan with your financial plan will allow you to accomplish all your life goals & dreams. You will be able to fit all the pieces together in the most effective way possible. 

Tax Planning

Planning to minimize your tax burden now and in the future is a major focus for us. Personal taxes are a big expense in everyone's life, knowing how to minimize how much you owe will help in every part of your life. We are always looking for tax planning strategies that will make the most of your money. 

These services may also be of interest to you

These services may also be of interest to you

Are you a business owner, entrepreneur
or just starting a business?

Are you in need of an external CFO to help better manage your business?

Are you wanting to start scaling your business to the next level?

Do you need business accounting help?

Let The Better Life Accounting Professional Corporation take care of all your accounting needs, so you can focus on growing your business. 

Get a Better Life CFO
Are you a young professional?

Finishing school and starting your career?

Just married and need to learn how to manage your finances together?

Looking to save or purchase your first home?

Check out how the financial coaches at ThriveU can help you create a solid financial foundation on which to build the rest of your life.

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