To understand our total service offerings, you have to understand the difference between products and process.
All of these services are offered as part of the GPS Plus™ Process, which is designed to move you from identifying your goals to Living a Better Life.

Lifetime Affordability

Can I afford the life that I am dreaming about? Can I afford the important goals I have for my family? How do you calculate this? The GPS Plus™ Process is designed to manage these calculations so that your Better Life is affordable. Lifetime Affordability requires constant monitoring and the ability to react to changes and surprises.

Financial Leadership

Wisdom is gained when you challenge convention and question practices. The Better Life Co. has been challenging conventional thinking and the marketing practices of the financial industry for over 30 years. The knowledge they have acquired is the foundation of their service. This Wisdom, when applied, is the leadership we provide our clients.


Because the BETTER LIFE has to be lived, your GPS Plus™ Team is with you the whole journey to make sure that your most important Dreams and Goals are realized. You will meet regularly and see that the progress you wanted is the progress you are achieving.

Financial Planning

A Financial Plan is a snapshot in time. It takes into account the best information you have today. It is a starting point. It takes Financial Planning to deal with all your tomorrows. Because life changes, you have to be constantly planning for all eventual outcomes. True Financial Planning is a Process, not an event!

Personal Income Taxes

That’s right, we do your taxes! One of the drivers of the GPS Plus™ Process is Tax Savings. We plan for them and we use them to pay for your dreams.


Whether it’s investing or wills, there are services and expertise that are necessary at times through your life. The Better Life Co. has created a network of experts to meet those needs.

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