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There are so many areas that The Better Life Co. has improved our lives. One way is to use tax strategies and financial structures to pay off personal debt and build wealth faster that traditional methods. They focus on our life and our dreams and have created results continuously building our confidence in living the life we want and being able to afford it. 

- David G (Global Director of Human Resources)

"The Better Life Co. Team has helped us truly understand our finances, areas to focus on, and our strategies for future growth. During our time in the program it has helped alleviate so much stress from my time on maternity leave, and through a job lay off as well. It has been so incredible to have this program helping keep our day to day stable through these challenging times. Thank you for helping us set up not only our future but make great plans to set up our daughter for a great start at her life as well."

- Cathryn H (Account Executive) 

“When it comes to financial planning, The Better Life Co. provided an approach that was unique in the field. We discovered their service later in our careers and they worked with us to identify and to develop a plan to our dreams as we reached retirement. The Better Life Co. develop a relationship and partnership that identified our personal and financial goals, identifying a path that has allowed us to retire in a setting and lifestyle we love. Our relationship with The Better Life Co. continues to grow as they continue to work with us to plan effectively for our future.”

- Ross & Nancy T (Retired)

"As a young couple just starting out, we were intrigued when a colleague came to work raving over a new financial service that she and her husband had just signed up for.  At the time, I was still in my medical residency making little money while trying to pay off many years of debt.  Before long, once hired, and salaries increased, we contacted the team and were immediately impressed by their care and attention to us as a couple, trying to mesh our financial goals with life plans.  We were also pleased that they combined the importance of having long term - ten and twenty year - plans with the flexibility that a young family needs once children arrive and house and vehicle needs can change on a dime.  The wide range of tax planning meant that cost savings in that area translated into resources for paying down debt and investing for the future.  Frankly, the plans we followed allowed for a comfortable cash flow for living, while still being very financially responsible.  Over the years, our relationship with Scott and the team has grown as we have added to our family and faced changing financial needs.  We have referred a number of friends and colleagues to them over the years; before long, we will be referring our children there also.  Their consistent support, availability and flexibility to our needs means that they will remain part of our life plan for many years to come.”

- Ian D (Doctor)