Shirley Alexander | Direction & Development, Co-Founder

After completing her Bachelor of Science and working 15 years Downtown in IT and honing her skills in Program Development, Shirley’s focus and career became Doug’s partner in building The Better Life Co.

Her attention to detail and thirst for learning was and continues to be, a major support to Doug and the employees at The Better Life Co. Shirley’s managing, defining and constant refining of all processes at The Better Life has allowed for continuous, efficient growth over the past 30 years.

As advocates for improvement and change, both Shirley and Doug encourage personal growth and opportunity to all employees. Quarterly employee meetings involve everyone developing new ways to improve both the employee and client experience. They are constantly looking into new ways to bring greater clarity to our clients Better Life.

Outside of the corporate world, if not travelling, Shirley can be found spending time with family and friends. Having a variety of interests, she might be found learning something new, reading a good book, volunteering or even at the movies or at a local Bowling alley with Doug!