Scott Neal | GPS Plus™ Coach

Scott joined the company in 1998 and over the next decade, learned The Better Life Co. exclusive strategies and process, gained further experience in cash flow management, budgeting, tax planning and the detailed aspects of integrating all aspects of our client’s financial affairs, and earned a position as Consultant.

Over several years of working closely with Doug and our extensive array of clients, Scott’s expertise and personable nature have made him skilled at making what can be a very complex and emotional topic of personal financial planning more enjoyable and even exciting. In 2012, Scott earned the role of Life Coach and now caters to many of The Better Life Co.’s clients.

Outside the office, Scott can be found enjoying his mountain bike on the trails, spending time with family and friends at the cottage and enjoys being a very active parent to his daughter. Scott also has an extensive collection of watches; he’s our Bond…James Bond.