Doug Alexander | President & Founder

Life Coach, CMA, avid Cyclist, Health Enthusiast, and the list goes on! Everything Doug has set his mind to, he has accomplished so far…and he isn’t finished!

Many years ago, while Doug was working for a Canadian Fortune 500 Company, he spent his spare time helping others with their budgeting and financial planning. Back then he didn’t charge…but then word travelled fairly quickly and Doug’s proven strategies and process’ were giving people a chance to have a better life.

After decades of working in the accounting field and running departments for other large corporate companies, Doug wanted to do more. He discovered that his Joy came more from empowering others to fulfill their dreams. This realization and the number of potential clients that wanted Doug to guide and plan their financial future begged him to start his own company and with the help and support of his wife Shirley, The Better Life Co. became a reality.

Over 30 years later, Doug is still working passionately towards his dream! The company has grown to support 13 employees and has impacted more than 500 clients!

In Doug’s spare time, you will find him keeping up with the Tennis circuit, reading a myriad of books, spending time with family and working with his wife Shirley to keep the business relevant!