Financial Wellness

By definition, Financial Wellness is living with a financial balanced well-being today, while at the same time preparing for your same financial balanced well-being of the future. Many feel it’s about being wealthy, but it’s not. In fact, it’s about having control over your current finances and your financial long term future.

Most people don’t give their financial health the attention it deserves. While we make time to go to the gym, or the dentists, or other obligations that ensures a healthy life, we seldom take time to plan for our financial wellness. This can affect our overall health.
Many people who have large family incomes are also strapped with financial stress from managing credit card debts, car loans, mortgage debt, to name some of the more unavoidable needs. Many of these same families are living paycheck to paycheck. Their net worth doesn’t indicate that they are wealthy; it indicates that their liabilities exceed their assets.
All of this amounts to more stress and an uncertainty in our life. Taking on this unknown can be frustrating as it reflects on our self-worth. However, self-worth should not be equivalent to a dollar sign. That’s not what life should be about!

Financial health is achieved when we are able to make what we have, work for us and be satisfied with the results. We need to control the money, rather than letting it control us. Give money the planning and attention it deserves and the benefits will last a life time.
If you need outside resources to help you manage and do your planning, recognize this and take steps to your Financial Wellness!


Let us know what Financial Wellness means to you.
For me, it means having good health and the ability to travel the world, and, security of knowing my family’s financial future is secure!

Written by: Sammer Ansari