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Are you a middle-class Canadian?

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Are you a young professional?

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A Few of Our Core Concepts

Cash Flow

Money in vs. money out! Do you have any left over at the end of the month? What is the best use of what you have left over each month? Can you do more with what you have? The GPS Plus™ Process puts your Cash Flow to better use.

The Better Life

We have never had a client come to us that was living to their potential. In fact, most thought they should be better off and couldn’t figure out why there never seemed to be enough money. A better use of cash flow is the first step to the Better Life.

Personal CFO

How do you allocate your cash flow when you have to Pay Debt, Grow Your Asset Base, Pay for Life and fulfill your personal Dreams? Your GPS Plus™ COACH acts as your personal CFO. We will help you put your Cash Flow to the best possible use to take care of all these financial concerns

Planning vs. Plan

Because of life and the unexpected, a financial plan is obsolete as soon as something new happens in your life. To succeed in reaching your goals despite everything that can happen to impede you, you have to constantly be planning. And planning is easy when you work with your GPS Plus™ Coach.


Consider that you have to earn, at least, $2.50 to pay off every $1 of debt you have. This debt hurts. In contrast to this very expensive debt is SMART Debt. SMART Debt attracts cash flow that makes you money to help pay off your harmful debt and make your future commitments and life more affordable.

Lifetime Affordability

Can I afford the life that I am dreaming about? Can I afford the important goals I have for my family? How do you calculate this? The GPS Plus™ Process is designed to manage these calculations so that your Better Life is affordable. Lifetime Affordability requires constant monitoring and the ability to react to changes and surprises.

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